Sweetheart News - I Can Only Smile Every Time You Are Around

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Hello all my sweethearts!

Well, it has been a long LONG time since I sent out my last Sweetheart News email yes I know.  I have a lot of distractions since being here in Vegas.  I just have not had the capacity to write or do artwork as regularly since I moved from Portland.  I text message myself some brief ideas to FaceBook, but consider them to be more like emotional statements that rhyme.  I haven't really written or done anything especially organized for months.  

I hope that you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day!  My recieve to give ratio was somewhere around 0 to 50, which I think that means I win... or it means I don't.  Anyways, I gave out some cool Valentines I made myself, which I usually do.  Had wanted to do a special personalized Valentine's Day Sweetheart News email like I did last year, but I did not have the time.

So here is what I have written since last time and hope that you like something! 

I Write Emotional Statements That Rhyme

Erasing Doubt - January 19, 2011
Theres nothing to erase a heart filled with doubt
like just to be reminded I'm being thought about.
Reality Hurts - January 11, 2011
The promise of seeing you more regularly makes my heart soften,
but it hardens back up again finding that actually I'm seeing you less often.
The Best Friend You Ever Had - January 1, 2011
The one thing to prevent my heart from keeping sad
is being the best friend you ever had.
Hard To Find - December 23, 2010
A true friend is hard to find.
If you stay true I'll stay kind.
Actually just stay if you don't mind.
I Can Only Smile Every Time You Are Around - December 22, 2010
I get the blues but YOU never see me frown,
because I can only smile every time you are around.
(about a former friend who treated me bad and she lost me)
(untitled) - December 18, 2010
In my life good friends are always needed,
so I treat them how I want to be treated.
When you treat others bad,
you will lose the best friends you ever had.
I Do What My Heart Says - December 17, 2010
My heart tells me to be kind and I do what it says.
Whether its right or not, Ill just be kind anyways.
I Always Listen - December 15, 2010
When you're around, I always listen to make you smile...
but you been gone and I been missin' you for a while.
Hoping My Kindness Will Return - December 15, 2010
Being kind to a friend is important to me.
I hope my kindness will return in the end but we'll see...
Kindness is Self Fulfilling - December 10, 2010
Treating someone with kindness is self fulfilling
and my heart has lots to give as long as you are willing.
Not Much For Christmas - December 8, 2010
I dont have much to give you except my time and attention sincere.
All I really want for Christmas is to spend it with you here.
Obligation To Do What I Say - December 8, 2010
Motivation and passion can take me so far then they run out.
An obligation to do what I say is what my life is about.
Getting Me Thru The Day - December 2, 2010
When Im alone and hundreds of miles away,
knowing Ive made you smile gets me thru the day.


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Hi to everyone!

I hope you are doing well.  I've been in Las Vegas for two months so far now and its been about two months since I've sent out a Sweetheart News email also.  The longest time inbetween since I started.  I have had a lot on my mind and have not had the capacity to be really that sweet or nice I think.

I haven't had time really to sit, think and write like usual but I have some.  So this is what I have done and hope that you like some of it.

Wishing I was as smooth as a vanilla milkshake

My Smile Is Sincere – April 18, 2010
When I see your face, my smile is sincere
unless I find you are not then it disappears.
Wishing I Was As Smooth As A Vanilla Milkshake - September 26, 2010
I can’t be upset.  I won’t ever forget.
I’ll get better and better so my face is no longer alerting
to people I see just how much I am hurting.
Wishing someday I’d be as smooth as a vanilla milkshake,
with every sip to calm the effects of a cold heart ache.

Creepy Old Guy - September 26, 2010
I like attention to the way I look but
don’t call me flamboyant or pretty
especially if you’re some old guy
that just sees me around the city.
Hearing You – October 24, 2010
When work is done I feel so alone.
Everything just drops to nothing at night
then I see your name flashing on my phone
and hearing you makes it all feel right.
Isolation Until Exhaustion Baby – October 24, 2010
Many mornings I wake with my muscles sore,
but each day I'm back and ready for more.
At times, my mind will lock up and get tight
and that's when I push on thru into the night.

Severe – October 17, 2010
If motivation is a disease
then my affliction is severe
with a longing heart to please
and my intentions sincere.


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Sweetheart News - Hoping We Always Stay Friends

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Hello to my dears,

I will be moving to Las Vegas until the end of the year or so, in just a few days.  Its for business and I'm not sure if I will be doing much artwork as regularly and sending Sweetheart News emails regularly while I'm there.  So if I do not, I hope this email will be enough to last for possibly a while.

To my friends in Portland, I will see you in 2011!!

The Thought Of Having You Near – September 19, 2010
The thought of having you near
makes my heart ambitious every day.
I worry that you might disappear
so my heart wishes to hear you say,
"we won't ever be too far apart".
I could never replace you.
Tell me you'll keep me in your heart
as I know mine will never erase you.
Keep Me – September 3, 2010
I keep you in my heart
so you keep me in yours
as I want to stay in the heart
of the one my own adores.
(for AB)
A True Friend – August 6, 2010
A heart like mine needs feedback and support
but the times I thought I found them came up short.
Then I noticed you and I was impressed
because your feedback and support have been the best.
The disappointments in my life make me slow to extend
still you've stayed around and are still here in the end
and that makes you my true friend.
Although we're a thousand miles apart
talking with you brings peace to my heart
even if you can't be there with me.
I like all the things you share with me
so it means I don't need to try and pretend
and that makes me your true friend.
Your Reason To Smile That Never Ends - January 5, 2010
I'll be your reason to smile that never ends
by thinking about you and hoping we always stay friends.
I Get It - August 1, 2008
My tone is direct.
My expressions are clear.
Success I expect
with my motives sincere.
My Reputation - June 8, 2008
I have the skill to do things fast
and the will to make them last.
My concern makes me the very best.
I have learned how to be a success.
Even when I'm stressed, I present a peace of mind
and remain well dressed, well kept, proper and kind.
For all the things I care about to do
if its important enough, I'll share them with you.
I am dynamic creation
and this is my reputation.
Natural Electricity - May 5, 2008
A person with an electric personality, genuine and true,
sends a clear visual intensity that will always shine thru.
The Niceness I Lack - April 13, 2004
I saw someone with the niceness I lack
she was an angel in my mind
my eyes polished her face to a shine
but not from seeing that hers did mine
because I never looked back
and now she probably thinks I'm blind.
Like A Promise - March 12, 2004
Today I thought of a friend that is in a different place
and I know the next time I'll see you is never
but I still remember your face like a promise.
Tree - 2001?
My weather changes just like the seasons.
I don't think about you for sentimental reasons.
My thoughts of you are like leaves on a tree,
I have many of them and they all surround me.
Thoughts like leaves will change thruout the year
and I lose them one at a time until my mind is clear.
When the year is over I feel like I have lost a friend
so I hope to see you in the Spring and make new thoughts of you again.
(drawings by myself December, 2009)



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Sweetheart News - The Way I Feel Around You


Hello to all my deers.

I hope you are doing well and feeling lovely.  This is probably the longest I have gone between Sweetheart emails since I've started doing them because I haven't been feeling too much lately like being especially nice or sweet.  And as an self-respecting artist, I'm not going to pretend to be nice or affectionate.  I have lots of past material I can cut and paste when I was feeling better, but if I say something that isn't honest in the moment, well to me that is just not a right thing to do if I'm going to be true to myself. 

Combing my hair each day is one thing I most look forward to.

all hair no face

See more pictures of my Pleasuretop.

The Way I Feel Around You

My Endeavor - July 7, 2010
Making you feeling wanted and appreciated is my endeavor
so that you'll keep spending time with me if I'm clever
because I want the way I feel around you to last forever.
July 14, 2010 – The Best Reminder
When life isn't treating me well,
I think of a friend who treats me kinder.
Having someone to listen to and tell
my thoughts to is the best unwinder.
When my life is filled with pressure,
having a friend like you is such a refresher.
When I want to know how happy I can be,
talking with you is my best reminder.

The Road to Recovery – January 5, 2010
The road to recovery is paved with dirt
and I'll keep getting dragged thru it by a miserable life of hurt
until I make my own discovery.

Marinating in Hurt – January 18, 2010
I'd been waiting with dark glasses marinating in molasses
and the secret hurt that I must hold and just can't reveal.
Now I just revert to be as cold as the way you made me feel.
The Specific Reasons That Drive Me – January 5, 2010
I have very specific reasons that drive me
as the hurts I've felt in my life survive me.
I live on purpose with dynamic intention
but the promises I gave served as my own intervention
from the shock I felt when my dear didn't believe them.
I will make my promises, but YOU won't be there to recieve them.  
Getting to Know You - February 4, 2002
The more I find out the sweeter the taste
as the time that it takes is never a waste.
(untitled) - 2002?
If I can't be true then I can't be with you.  

In Defense - 2002?
Some people try to be too nice, I think of them in my defense.
Some people respond to pretend abuse and others can't tell the difference.
A person who doesn't know what they want ends up feeling abused,
but the person who just tried to give to them is really the one being used.  

Never You Always Me - 2002?
Special joys of the past
HIT me with stark contrast.
Now that flames spark my memory,
well who blames me?
I'm treating myself to the third degree,
conceiting myself with what you must think of me.
Secreting in my defense,
I use sweet as saccarine sense
to keep the truth from getting too intense
but like my youth, the pain is just coincidence!!
Validation - September 13, 2001
I may be a memory maker
and do all the things that create you
but I'm not your ticket taker
so don't make me validate you. 
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I'm Gonna Be A Diamond

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Hello to all my sweethearts, I hope that you are being treated very well.

I am the kind of person who doesn't like to tell or show people when I am stressed and under pressure.  Some people that see me out, tell me that I always look happy and carefree and I try to be... or well not allow my friends to worry about me.  But truthfully, I can feel under such pressure that it can be hard for me to take.  I try to think that all this pressure I feel will someday make me become a diamond.

I wish I could remember when I was very very young, but honestly I can't remember those times at all.  My life I'm sure must have been very happy and I probably couldn't imagine thinking about the things that I worry about now.

kid myself

I hope you enjoy this email.

I'm Gonna Be A Diamond

I Was Born To Lose - July 20, 2010
Some days I feel like I was born to lose
the things it took me so long to find.
Some losses stay in my heart like a bruise
and it can be enough to lose my mind.
Some losses can feel like its my own damn fault
for giving up on the things I never knew.
And yet the disappointment in my heart can come to a halt
as long as I never lose or give up on you. 
Drastic Changes - 2010
I hope that I'm making the right decisions
and not lose your respect if I make revisions.
No One Else - April, 2000
You may have good memories
and I'm sure some of them are sad,
but stick with me and I'll give you
all the memories you never had.
Poem about being understood is from A Flower Unfolds
(untitled) - 2002?
When life doesn't seem to turn out like it should,
nothing ever feels so good.
...as just being understood.


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Sweetheart News - Shaking Out The Dust In My Heart


Hello to all my sweethearts!

I hope you are doing well and feeling as beautiful as I know that you are.  I have been feeling very encouraged by the dear friends I have seen lately.  Its been a few weeks and I haven't really written a whole lot of new poetry lately, but I have been taking a lot more pictures and videos with my camera and I have enjoyed that. 

If you are my friend on FaceBook, take a look at all the pictures and videos I have posted.  And if you are not my friend on FaceBook, then you should be!  www.facebook.com/decisive

I was just at the beach this last weekend.  Here is a picture I took of the sun setting over the horizon from the beach at Pacific City, Oregon. 


I have started making stickers again and I dunno, clever Brian crafts as I don't know what else to call some of the artwork I do.  So if I see you around, I may give you a little something I've made if I have anything on me.

Sometimes things are difficult for me, as I have a tendency to hold back... and I think I take the time that I have for granted sometimes at the most important moments.  I'm really trying to be better at making and committing to bigger decisions that will affect my life and my happiness.  Or well, trying to be better at making the right decisions and not making all the stupid mistakes I've made in the past I feel have held me back and has taken me years to recover emotionally... I have a heart filled with years of dust that bleeds silent tears.

Here's some bits I have written lately and I hope that you enjoy it.

Afraid To Be Too Sweet – May 22, 2010
I am afraid of being too sweet.
Diabetics can only take me in moderation,
but maybe I can be a treat
when heart like yours craves appreciation.
My Smile Wants To Stick Around – June 4, 2010
My smile wants to stick around and never go away
hoping that you do the same and tell me that you'll stay.
I Want You To Be My Plus One – June 5, 2010
My friend put me on the guest list plus one for his show.
When the door guy asked if I was with anyone I said no.
I don't usually have or need a plus one
as I still enjoy myself, dance and have fun.
I do like bringing someone with me and sometimes I do
but if I could go with anyone, I'd want my plus one to be you.
I Can Do Without You – June 5, 2010
I feel like my intentions are failing
when you see me smile so brightly
it masks the sounds of my wailing.
I know what I give, but what do you bring?
Some people's company give me nothing
and I can do without your smoke I'm inhaling.
I've gotten more support from a broken hand railing
so I can do without you because
you do nothing for my heart that keeps on ailing.
I Will Never Take Anyone For Granted Again – June 29, 2010
I'll convince myself I don't care, but who am I trying to kid?
The truth is I wouldn't be as happy if I didn't see you when I did.
And if I never had the chance to see you again
I would know how it feels to lose a true friend.
Because I Know You – June 29, 2010
Some people I'm not able to trust
but you know me and I've understood.
Some people have disappointed me
but I know you and you never could.
Making Up For Lost Time – June 30, 2010
I will make up for the life I missed
and all the years I did not exist.
I'm Not The Greatest - (don't know when I wrote it)
I know I'm not the greatest
but I listen to what you say
and always think about you
to make you feel that way.
I've Got More Issues Than The Daily Paper - August 16, 2003
I may have issues that nobody else knows,
but once I turn the pages, those issues can close.


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Sweetheart News - The Secret Of My Tears


Hey to all my lovelies!

Well, something I wrote back in 2000 or 2001 (before I used to date my artwork) really stuck in my head so I had to dig it out.  A ballad titled "The Secret of My Tears" and its just a classic example of my past artwork.  I'm a bittersweet chocolate candy bar I am I am.

As a side note, my good friend John Holbrook is running a marathon today at Newport in Oregon.  He's been preparing and he is a good man so I'll be thinking the best of him today.

So I am doing better and better.  Trying to check in on my happiness after years of neglect.  Starting to color in the emotions that have faded from disappointments in my heart.

And with that here you go!!

As Smooth as a Gravel Road – May 31, 2010
I often have this troubling fear
that I may come across as insincere
when my affection is sometimes metaphorical
I will speak poetic and rhetorical.
Maybe you think I'm good but not true.
I won't say anything if I don't believe it to you.
Remembering words that got the best reaction,
I won't say anything to pretend attraction.
If I gave a compliment to someone else I'll keep that in a jar.
The things I say to you are as original as you are.
If you think my artwork is self indulgent and crappy,
the truth is that I do it because its easier
than for me to just say "you make me happy".
Clearing Out The Bulk In My Mind – June 1, 2010
I don't want a life of constant changes
although I will go thru some rearranges
to shift my priorities from the old to the new.
Close up past feelings no longer are true.
I'm clearing out the excess bulk in my mind
so I'll have space for better things I'll find
and be able to commit to a deeper ambition
as joys from the past now feel dated and brief
but starting this process of transition
has filled me with a sense of relief.
Drawing is from 1994?
Cream of the Dirt - January 22, 2010
I'm the cream of the dirt.
I rise thru the hurt.
Someday I will sparkle
like the lurex in my favorite shirt
and find someone who makes
me feel as sweet as dessert....
But this isolation is killing me
and the desolation is chilling me.
I never felt any colder
than leaning on your shoulder.
Thinking of you makes me go brrr....
Why did you have to change temperature?
The Last Thing I Expected – 2009?
I think of my close friends I adored,
they came to me, I held them close,
and then I was ignored.
I'm told all the best things but then I get neglected
when they leave without even a goodbye
and its the last thing I ever expected.
The Person You Try To Be – 2000?
I wear my sunglasses but I can see
beyond the person you're trying to be.
You hide from your own intentions and insensitivity.
My trust in you is the trust you have in me.
I respect the person you really are
when that person and the person you try to be are not so far,
but all you do is emotionally indulge in me
and that will just make you even more hungry.
The Secret Of My Tears - 2000?
When you see your light reflect in my eyes,
I can bring your awareness to all time highs,
where your reservations are replaced with continual sighs
and each time you see me is a pleasant surprise,
but oh... the truth that you didn't know
will bring about your own demise
if you don't understand how hard a person like me tries.
A regular person's human nature you never quite came to realize.
The thoughts you had for me, you now despise
and you can hate me but I still won't sympathize
because I'm not the one who told you any lies
when your expectations shatter and your heart just cries
you'll see I am just a product of leftover residue that drys.

Rose City Round Up

I thought I would take a moment to mention something very fun coming to Portland in TWO weeks.  Rose City Round Up!  Its a 2 day custom car show located at Jubitz in North Portland.  Classic hot rods, vendors, and music by rockabilly and Americana twang bands. 

Reasons to go?

  • It will be more fun than chewing on glass!!
  • I will be there and love to see you!!
  • It is all ages and FREE!! (concerts each night are $10/night or $15 for both days and 21+ in the bar)

Rose City Roundup

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Sweetheart News - The Reason I'm So Nice


Hello to all my sweethearts.  I hope you are all doing well. 

One poem that I wrote that I included in the last email titled The Reason I'm So Nice was originally a much longer piece, but I cut it down thinking it was too long.   But reading the lines I cut out, I think I like the long version also, maybe even better.  If you like, compare it to the last Sweetheart News email and let me know if you like the short or long version any better.

So here's what I have written recently and a couple that have been in my mind I wanted to share with you.

The Reason I'm So Nice – May 5, 2010
When someone is good to me,
I know they are the reason I'm so nice,
so I will notice and tell them
because I'm not gonna make the same mistakes twice.
I remember certain people that loved me
and always treated me good,
however, I was oblivious to them
and didn't give back to them like I could.
I wanted to give back to those who gave to me,
but I didn't do much.
Eventually they probably thought I didn't notice them
and we are no longer in touch.
It wasn't until they were gone
that I figured out my friends are such a big deal.
By then it was too late for me to tell them
how they made me feel.
The Way You Think Of Me – April 11, 2010
The way you think of me
I have wanted someone to find
so I hope the thoughts you have of me
never leave your mind.
I'm Like A Tropical Disease – May 20, 2010
Hey, here's a guy who likes to have fun
and knows how to please.
His charm is persistent and infectious
like a tropical disease.
Let's hope you stay long enough to catch him
because he wants to stick around
until you can't help but notice
just what he is you've found.
Once you catch his charm,
you could see a doctor to be treated
or take my suggestion
and I don't mean to be conceited
but you should see me
although I'm not a doctor, that's true,
I will never run out of patience for you.
I Don't Want To Look Like An Idiot – May 25, 2010
My life is full of words in my heart that will remain unsaid and unseen
because I am afraid of saying things I want to feel but may not really mean.
Putting Myself Out There – May 26, 2010
I keep putting myself out there
despite the continuous rejection
with the only relief for my despair
is to make a single connection.
Some days I don't feel like putting myself out there
and I'd rather stay in my bed
but I keep on trying because I care
because if not, I'll never get ahead.
I'm gonna keep putting myself out there
until my intentions come thru
and the boy who's been playing solitaire
makes all his dreams come true.

Feeling Invisible is from The Last Peace

 Feeling Invisible - August 23, 2009
I'm an expert at feeling invisible
and I feel out of style
watching sunshine revolve around me
as I stand here like a sundial.
Time seems to make a person sweeter
in my case, I'm not sure if its worthwhile
but then came the day I saw you
and its like I remembered how to smile.
The Loneliest Feeling – December 25, 2009
How lonely it is to feel
when my name is on the line.
So aggravating trying to deal
with the struggle to assign.
I feel like I'm just going thru a grind
trying to reach out beyond my means.
Being careful not to lose my mind
so I follow established routines,
but my intellect says, "that doesn't make sense",
laughing at the absurd so I don't cry.
The process makes me cramp up and tense,
yet I don't have it in me to tell you why.
Reaching out to find what I need
and hoping it comes back in return.
The only choice I can afford is succeed
with little value in the experience to learn.
The profile of my temperment
is jagged like the mountain skyline
full of bitterness and resentment
while I seek out my own supply line.
I feel I'm gonna puke with headaches I suffer
and the pain of seeing myself languish.
Even my sleep isn't restful but just a buffer
for the mental and emotional anguish.
My life has gone thru the depths of condition,
yet even I couldn't see how hard this would be
as I can't seem to get over this intuition
where no one wins and the only one who gets hurt is me.
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Mother's Day Greetings from Sweetheart News

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Warm greetings to my mom, all moms and anyone who has a mom.  Well I thought I would make this email about mothers and women because if you know me, you know that I really care deeply.  I hope that all mothers today are being thought about kindly and all people with mothers are thinking about them kindly.

I found a picture with my mom during Christmas of 1996, my senior year of high school.  Little boy hair, maybe its not a good idea to show this.  I don't like that my mom has grey hair (gee sorry Mom for pointing that out) in a picture taken almost 15 years ago.  My mom is young and pretty forever I say....


Besides 2 new poems, I felt like sharing some of my older writings from my self-publications I did in early 2000's when I was producing a lot more regular material.  I hope you like what I have to say.

The Reason I'm So Nice – May 5, 2010
When someone is good to me,
I know they are the reason I'm so nice,
so I will notice and tell them
because I'm not gonna make the same mistakes twice.
Thinking About You Like I Do – May 7, 2010
When I'm looking for something to beat loneliness
your company is undefeated.
So I hope you have someone who can treat you
the best you can be treated.
Even if you don't feel that way from me
and you probably do not.
Still if you want to hear from someone thinking about you
I am someone who never forgot.

There is from Thinking Of You

There - 2000?
Let me remind you that you're the most beautiful woman since ever
because even if you forget, just know I'll always remember.

Untitled poem about being sweet is from A Flower Unfolds

(untitled) - 2002?
Being sweet to a woman
means expecting nothing in return from she.
The company of a real woman
is what means the most to me.

Being Thought About and True Friendship

Okay, kind of off subject maybe but I want to share some bits about what's most important to me, true lasting friendship and thinking about deers.  Well not just thinking about deers, but specifically letting them know they are being thought about which is a big deal to me.

Lonesome is from Thinking Of You

Lonesome - 2000?
So that I won't be alone,
I ask that you think of me.
When you are not around,
your thoughts will keep me company.

Greatest is from Thinking Of You

Greatest - 2000?
I know I'm not the greatest,
but listen to what I say.
I'll always think of you
to make you feel that way.

Untitled poem about being near is from I Enjoy The company Of You Especially

(untitled) - 2000?
There may be times when we are near,
still your thoughts of me may part,
but even if I never see you again
just know you'll always be near my heart.

Best is from The Most Important Thing In The World

Best - 2000?
You are the thought that never ends
and the reason I learned to love.
I hope that we will always be friends
because that is what I'm thinking of.


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Sweetheart News - Understanding and Opening Up

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Hello to all my lovelies!

I am back home again from my second trip to Las Vegas in April.  This latest trip was very good to me and I feel I made a discovery that made me see what I feel attracts people to me in the relationships that I have.  I feel my understanding is helping me to communicate more clearly and to be more comfortable expressing my honest feelings to people so they will not mistake me.  I really try to be clear to others and to myself. 

And then, something maybe not so nice...  I am finding I am having issues with people regarding promises.  On both sides whether I make a promise to a friend or it is my friend that makes a promise to me. 

The first three were written in my hotel room while I was in Las Vegas.  And below is a picture of me eating a black and white cookie bigger than my face.  It is a Las Vegas tradition for me.

Myself eating a cookie bigger than my face

And hey, I am just noticing now that Undelivered Promises has kind of a honky tonk kinda feel to it.  Cool!

When I Trust You - April 15, 2010
I keep being told that I'm sweet
and maybe one day
I'll believe that is true
and maybe one day
when I trust you aren't going to leave me
then I will open up to you.
Being Alone - April 15, 2010
I so much enjoy to be alone.
My concerns are as light as a feather,
but I wish we would talk on the phone
and maybe we could be alone together.
Undelivered Promises - April 19, 2010
I have fun with lovelies that flirt,
but if you're no good I'm just going to hurt.
If you don't mean it then just don't say it.
If your affection isn't honest please don't display it.
Don't keep writing me checks that you can't cash
or I'll throw away your undelivered promises along with you in the trash.
The Specific Reasons That Drive Me – January 5, 2010
I have very specific reasons that drive me
as the hurts I've felt in my life survive me.
I live on purpose with dynamic intention
but the promises I gave served as my own intervention
from the shock I felt when my ex-friends didn't believe them.
I will make my promises, but you won't be there to recieve them.
I Want To Be Your Reason To Smile – Sept. 25, 2009
I should be happy you
give me so many reasons to smile
yet I have this concern...
because I wouldn't feel right if
I didn't give back the same in return.

Finding A True Friend is from Out Of Fuel

Finding A True Friend – November 1, 2009
The time it takes to find a true friend
is never too long to wait,
and my heart reaches out until
I find my friend with whom to celebrate.
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