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Hello to all my sweethearts! 


I hope you are all doing well and feeling as cute as I know you are. 

Well I thought the subject for this issue would be being a true friend, which matters a lot to me.  To me, being a true friend means that I continue to care about someone without expectation.  Sometimes a good friend I care about will drift apart, and I'd be lying if I said it doesn't hurt.  But I try my best to understand, and not to be bitter or resentful.  I believe that if a friendship is true, then they will eventually connect again and that's why its so important for me to never abandon my friends, or take things personal. 

I have felt very exhausted lately from business and obligations...  I'm beginning to build accomplishments in my life, and I'm trying not to OVER-extend myself and become another burnout candidate.  Oh, I've been there BELIEVE me...  With that, I've been working on a new project to help decompress those feelings, so far titled Burning Out Of Fuel.  The title may change, just thought of it yesterday actually.  I see it as not especially "sweet" or "nice", and maybe if anything feeling a little guilty that maybe I haven't been the best friend I could have been to people. 

Sometimes I feel my hard charging attitude I develop in order to be successful and get things done - I feel like maybe it polarizes the people in the relationships I care most about.

On Being a True Friend

Always On Your Side – November 8, 2009
If you believe in me, I'll always be on your side.
I remember the way I felt from ex-friends that lied,
so I'll let myself down before I ever hurt you.
Because if I know you as well as I think that I do
then you deserve the benefit of the doubt.
Maybe someday you'll come back to me,
but if not I guess I'll just do without.
When I Care – November 8, 2009
When I care about someone as much as I do
I'll do whatever it takes to make sure I get thru.
At The Greatest Expense – November 11, 2009
My successes come from my
own diligence, you see.
But glory in my life
comes at the greatest expense to me
as I develop a hard charging personality.
When I burn only the hottest of red fire energy
it makes me worry that I burn up the people
I hold most dear....
when I watch as the people I love
break away and disappear...

I Wish To Hold The Hand That Covers My Mind

Here is a drawing I did back in... 1996 or 1997?  Its a visually peaceful metaphor for what can be many things that can cause anxiety or mental distress.  To me, it was a hand... and oh such a pretty hand!

hold the hand

Feedback is Fuel for the Soul

I hope you like this email and what I'm doing with my artwork.  Any thoughts you have good or bad, please I'd like to know.  Remember that feedback is fuel for the soul.

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