Sweetheart News #2

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Hi to everyone.

I hope you enjoyed the first Sweetheart News if you recieved it.  I've published an online archive of newsletters that will now be available at this webpage - http://www.perpetualsweetheart.com/news/.  You might like to keep that webpage for your reference.

To my friends, I just got back from a trip to Las Vegas yesterday.  I didn't do any gambling, drinking or see any shows.  Then why did I do?  Who knows...  I had a couple pictures of myself from the trip, but I wasn't looking very cute so they deleted themselves.

My Latest Bits

This top one I wrote when I was in my hotel room in Las Vegas.  Next one I wrote today.  My opinion is a good friend is worth fighting for.  Basically if it takes a long journey to find that awesome friend, its always completely worth it no matter what it takes.  I think most people don't realize the value of a truly good friend until they are lost and gone.

Finding A True Friend - November 1, 2009 by Brian Moy
The time it takes to find a true friend is never too long to wait
and my heart reaches out until I find my friend with whom to celebrate.

Cold As The Days In Decembers - November 5, 2009 by Brian Moy
When I'm as cold as the days in Decembers,
nothing warms me up....
...like hearing from those my heart fondly remembers.
The Spark - October 29, 2009 by Brian Moy
It can be sad to sit alone in the dark,
reaching out for a single remark.
When nothing seems to come along,
I remember my faith to keep me strong,
knowing one day I'll see that spark...
once again.

(I want to be your) Sentimental Favorite

Back PocketThe last project I did was a combination printed book and audio CD.  The book is titled (I want to be your) Sentimental Favorite, the audio CD is titled Back Pocket Of Heart Wretching Soul.  Confused???  Well, the book and the audio CD both are of the same content, but I liked both of them enough that I wanted them to stand on their own so I gave them separate titles.

The subject matter is about the underdog.  The sentimental favorite is the one that people feel an emotional tie to, but generally nobody expects to win.  I completely know what that feels like.  I feel like I've had to create myself to compensate for my lack of natural abilities - which is the reason why I try so hard.



Want to hear a sample from the book?  Yeah you do.

 My heart bleeds – August 1, 2009
My heart bleeds with silent needs.
I wait because years don't exist for me.
Too late for all the tears I've missed to see.
Impossible to lose what I never gain.
Its plausible I'd choose to avoid the pain
of past feelings that exploded in my face.
That's why I keep my secret in place.
This place where I started
is a secret I've kept in my heart,
but I'll keep standing in line
even if my love never becomes mine,
because I've always finished strong,
despite my longing,
quietly maintaining my grace,
as well as the thought of your smiling face.
If I could only say how much you inspire
a soul like mine that burns on fire.
A fire that fueled me on to my life's success
even with this secret in my heart I just can't express.

If you are interested in ordering a copy of the CD, take a look at the webpage for ordering info - including a sample audio track!  The book I haven't printed yet, but if interested you can reserve a copy there as well.


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