Sweetheart News #4

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Hi to everyone and I hope everyone had a peaceful Thanksgiving holiday weekend. 

Thanks to everyone who has given me any feedback or comments, really it means a lot to me. 

Well, I am continuing work on the Sentimental Favorite book with the printed words to the Back Pocket of Heart Wretching Soul audio CD I did on August 7, 2009.  I know that at least some of the people on this list have the CD.  For those that have it, I hope you had a chance to listen to it and that you enjoyed it.  If you set it aside and haven't listened yet, you SHOULD!  That I think is probably the strongest collection of writing I've released this year in 2009, and also the most satisfying for myself. 

I'm sort of putting my two newer projects, The Last Peace and Out of Fuel on the back burner for now.  Even though the content for both is basically "ready to go".  I haven't really felt the strength in my heart lately to put them out there publicly - and the way that I am, if I don't feel something 100% in my heart, then I'm not going to do it. 

Elsewhere, I'd really like to get my nursery rhyme I did years ago (late 90's?) to be formatted to pages and illustrated as a nice children's book.  I draw myself, but I haven't really had the patience lately to do it myself.  Even though its old old work, I never really released it publicly and it has some significance to me in reflective of how I've been feeling lately this year.

Don't Let Our Friendship Sail Away – November 23, 2009
When I don't hear from someone I care about,
I feel distant with their thoughts of me in doubt.
Please don't let our friendship sail away
to the point that you're afraid of what to say.
Easier – July 7, 2009
I protect myself by playing the fool
so I'll come across as the definition of cool.
Why can't I be sincere?
Sometimes its easier to face resentment
than the true feelings of a dear.
Always Sincere – June 18, 2009
I may be shy to make myself clear
but the sound of my voice is always sincere.
I try my best, the only way I know how
even when circumnstances won't allow for a perfect situation.
So I fight my way thru intrepidation.
As I'd have to be the dumbest guy on Earth
if I didn't tell you what my thoughts are worth.
Because my thoughts are worth a Million, its true
and my most valuable thoughts are of you.
Sip Away From an Empty Cup - July 14, 2009
I feel like I'm a sip away from an empty cup
without any real reason to fancy up
but I do it anyways on some days.
I shine on the best I can.
Keep shining, never stop shining
even when there's just no end in sight
and my only silver lining
is fixing my wrongs until they're right.
Holding back the warmth of my heart.
My passion keeps me warm.
My jacket keeps me warm.
My fast metabolism keeps me warm.
I need the kindness and shelter of the friendliest smile
to help shine me thru the pain...


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