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Hello to everyone, and I hope your holidays are safe and warm.

This year has been stressful and sometimes aggravating, because I am going thru a lot of transition in my life and my work this year.  The most important thing to me is being peaceful and feeling comfortable with myself.  I'm the kind of person that always reaches out for the absolute best that I can get.  It means that I have breathtaking successes, but then also heartbreaking failures.  It would be nice to think my successes can compensate for the failures, but it honestly doesn't seem to make them any easier for me to deal with.

I'm really wanting to work again on producing the nursery rhyme I wrote years back into a children's book.  When I read it, it feels especially meaningful to my current position in life.  Mental distractions and obligations has made it hard for me to commit to much else though lately....

I do feel like I should be able to finish up a recent project called Out Of Fuel by the end of this year, which generally is about the need for support and friendship.  Or I guess maybe feeling the lack of sometimes....  I'll email you all when its done, and as I appreciate you signed up for Sweetheart News and read what I have to say - I'll give you a copy for free if you are interested in one. 

The Last Peace will be released eventually, I promise that.  The writing part actually was completed in September of this year.  But its taking me some strength to release it to the public because that project is very precious to me.  

So here's a couple of the latest things I wrote which are going to be in my Out Of Fuel book.  A Sense of Joy and Peace I wrote when I was in Las Vegas two weeks ago.  Next ones are from back around 2000 (or older - before I used to title and date my artwork) that I like and thought I would share. 


Things I May Never Know – November 25, 2009
Its just so hard to let myself go,
to give up on the things I may never know.
The things unsaid are my biggest regrets
as I may always hold on to my secrets,
but a heart like mine never forgets.
A Sense of Joy and Peace – December 6, 2009
I wish I could keep the things I find
that bring me a sense of joy and peace
but if I lose them, then I don't mind
as long as I had my release.

(untitled) - 2001?
I'm looking inside
reaching for my child
it feels so long since my little boy smiled
he has so many ideas
and so much to say
but when no one listens, he just goes away
(untitled) - 2000?
I wish I could sparkle
like a single point of light
then turn out the lights
and be the only one in sight
(untitled) - 2000?
I am little boy blue.
My mind is a hallway that people pass thru
and if I was rich,
I'd spend all my time with you.

(untitled) - 2000?
The loneliness I feel
gives my heart a chill
when my jacket doesn't keep me warm
I know talking to you will

(untitled) - 2000?
I'll always give you a smile
but I just return what you see
because the smile I give to you
is the one that you gave to me

Smiling Cabinet

This was drawn probably in 1996. I hope you like it.

smiling cabinet


1 Comment

Hi Brian, enjoyed seeing your recent work in Nevada, ... a heart that never forgets. I have one of those too. I am progressing with confidence that I won't forget the important and precious experiences and feelings I have had, they make me who I am, they will always be a part of me.
Your smiling filing cabinet is how I want mine to look, I am preparing to organize my files for the New Year.

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