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Hello to all my sweet deers, (and you also)

I hope you had a very nice 2009, and hopefully set things up nicely for yourself to have an smooth 2010 full of warmth and peace.  

I appreciate everybody's support this year whether you've left me a comment, sent me an email, or just quietly listen to what I have to say.  And as a very spouty expressive person, it feels fulfilling to share my artwork with people who listen.  If I see you enjoy my artwork, that's probably the easiest way for me to always remember you!

Here's the Lovercraft with myself standing next to it.


Here is a selection of some newer and some older stuff I hope you will like. 



My Heart Never Forgets – December 21, 2009
When my life goes thru upsets,
I recall the good times to give me a breather.
A heart like mine never forgets
and I hope your heart never forgets either.
Support of a Kind Heart – December 26, 2009
The support of a kind heart I will always hold dear
but I don't have it me to make my feelings too clear
I want to, but can't show how much I care from the fear
that the support of a kind heart will find out and disappear

Taken For Granted is from Out Of Fuel

Taken For Granted - September 16, 2009
I can be hurt by words that are spoken
but believe me, I'll never be broken.
When you said the words that had me enchanted
I realize now you just took me for granted.

Not Much – August 9, 2009
Not much is all I've got,
except for sincere appreciation of you in my heart.
Feeling Like Such a Prince – August 22, 2009
I remember the day we met.
With the way you smiled, how could I forget?
I was feeling like such a prince
and so I've kept you in mind ever since.
Cake - June 20, 2001
My hesitation stays awake
until the day I eat some cake.

I Follow My Heart is from my spoken CD, Back Pocket Of Heart Wretching Soul - Get the CD and hear the feeling in my voice!

I Follow My heart – July 4, 2009
Someday when I'm grey and old
I'll wish that you still remember me.
I'm not going to wonder about tales untold
as I expressed my feelings with honesty
and I followed my heart.
Sometimes my passion is just within sight.
Maybe I could reach out and touch it with my hand
and I know that I'm not always right
but nobody can tell me I don't care or understand
because I follow my heart.
Love is the faith to stand up to the plate
to hold it together to give it my best shot.
Although my mind may hold a heavy weight,
nobody else is going to bring what I brought
because I follow my heart.
I will always play and play to win
as I hold onto that look in your eyes.
A loser thinks back to what "could have been"
but I could never fill my head with those lies
because I follow my heart.
I think you know I always give my best
but sometimes I just don't have what it takes...
If you look at me and are genuinely impressed
then I'll be okay with the heart breaks
because I followed my heart.

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