Sweetheart News - Understanding and Opening Up

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Hello to all my lovelies!

I am back home again from my second trip to Las Vegas in April.  This latest trip was very good to me and I feel I made a discovery that made me see what I feel attracts people to me in the relationships that I have.  I feel my understanding is helping me to communicate more clearly and to be more comfortable expressing my honest feelings to people so they will not mistake me.  I really try to be clear to others and to myself. 

And then, something maybe not so nice...  I am finding I am having issues with people regarding promises.  On both sides whether I make a promise to a friend or it is my friend that makes a promise to me. 

The first three were written in my hotel room while I was in Las Vegas.  And below is a picture of me eating a black and white cookie bigger than my face.  It is a Las Vegas tradition for me.

Myself eating a cookie bigger than my face

And hey, I am just noticing now that Undelivered Promises has kind of a honky tonk kinda feel to it.  Cool!

When I Trust You - April 15, 2010
I keep being told that I'm sweet
and maybe one day
I'll believe that is true
and maybe one day
when I trust you aren't going to leave me
then I will open up to you.
Being Alone - April 15, 2010
I so much enjoy to be alone.
My concerns are as light as a feather,
but I wish we would talk on the phone
and maybe we could be alone together.
Undelivered Promises - April 19, 2010
I have fun with lovelies that flirt,
but if you're no good I'm just going to hurt.
If you don't mean it then just don't say it.
If your affection isn't honest please don't display it.
Don't keep writing me checks that you can't cash
or I'll throw away your undelivered promises along with you in the trash.
The Specific Reasons That Drive Me – January 5, 2010
I have very specific reasons that drive me
as the hurts I've felt in my life survive me.
I live on purpose with dynamic intention
but the promises I gave served as my own intervention
from the shock I felt when my ex-friends didn't believe them.
I will make my promises, but you won't be there to recieve them.
I Want To Be Your Reason To Smile – Sept. 25, 2009
I should be happy you
give me so many reasons to smile
yet I have this concern...
because I wouldn't feel right if
I didn't give back the same in return.

Finding A True Friend is from Out Of Fuel

Finding A True Friend – November 1, 2009
The time it takes to find a true friend
is never too long to wait,
and my heart reaches out until
I find my friend with whom to celebrate.

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