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Hello to all my sweethearts.  I hope you are all doing well. 

One poem that I wrote that I included in the last email titled The Reason I'm So Nice was originally a much longer piece, but I cut it down thinking it was too long.   But reading the lines I cut out, I think I like the long version also, maybe even better.  If you like, compare it to the last Sweetheart News email and let me know if you like the short or long version any better.

So here's what I have written recently and a couple that have been in my mind I wanted to share with you.

The Reason I'm So Nice – May 5, 2010
When someone is good to me,
I know they are the reason I'm so nice,
so I will notice and tell them
because I'm not gonna make the same mistakes twice.
I remember certain people that loved me
and always treated me good,
however, I was oblivious to them
and didn't give back to them like I could.
I wanted to give back to those who gave to me,
but I didn't do much.
Eventually they probably thought I didn't notice them
and we are no longer in touch.
It wasn't until they were gone
that I figured out my friends are such a big deal.
By then it was too late for me to tell them
how they made me feel.
The Way You Think Of Me – April 11, 2010
The way you think of me
I have wanted someone to find
so I hope the thoughts you have of me
never leave your mind.
I'm Like A Tropical Disease – May 20, 2010
Hey, here's a guy who likes to have fun
and knows how to please.
His charm is persistent and infectious
like a tropical disease.
Let's hope you stay long enough to catch him
because he wants to stick around
until you can't help but notice
just what he is you've found.
Once you catch his charm,
you could see a doctor to be treated
or take my suggestion
and I don't mean to be conceited
but you should see me
although I'm not a doctor, that's true,
I will never run out of patience for you.
I Don't Want To Look Like An Idiot – May 25, 2010
My life is full of words in my heart that will remain unsaid and unseen
because I am afraid of saying things I want to feel but may not really mean.
Putting Myself Out There – May 26, 2010
I keep putting myself out there
despite the continuous rejection
with the only relief for my despair
is to make a single connection.
Some days I don't feel like putting myself out there
and I'd rather stay in my bed
but I keep on trying because I care
because if not, I'll never get ahead.
I'm gonna keep putting myself out there
until my intentions come thru
and the boy who's been playing solitaire
makes all his dreams come true.

Feeling Invisible is from The Last Peace

 Feeling Invisible - August 23, 2009
I'm an expert at feeling invisible
and I feel out of style
watching sunshine revolve around me
as I stand here like a sundial.
Time seems to make a person sweeter
in my case, I'm not sure if its worthwhile
but then came the day I saw you
and its like I remembered how to smile.
The Loneliest Feeling – December 25, 2009
How lonely it is to feel
when my name is on the line.
So aggravating trying to deal
with the struggle to assign.
I feel like I'm just going thru a grind
trying to reach out beyond my means.
Being careful not to lose my mind
so I follow established routines,
but my intellect says, "that doesn't make sense",
laughing at the absurd so I don't cry.
The process makes me cramp up and tense,
yet I don't have it in me to tell you why.
Reaching out to find what I need
and hoping it comes back in return.
The only choice I can afford is succeed
with little value in the experience to learn.
The profile of my temperment
is jagged like the mountain skyline
full of bitterness and resentment
while I seek out my own supply line.
I feel I'm gonna puke with headaches I suffer
and the pain of seeing myself languish.
Even my sleep isn't restful but just a buffer
for the mental and emotional anguish.
My life has gone thru the depths of condition,
yet even I couldn't see how hard this would be
as I can't seem to get over this intuition
where no one wins and the only one who gets hurt is me.


I like the Reason I'm So Nice. Put a smile on my face and put words to my thoughts.

Thanks Laura! Your feedback is encouraging to me. I'm very happy to hear from you and I'm touched that something I wrote made you smile.

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