I'm Gonna Be A Diamond

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Hello to all my sweethearts, I hope that you are being treated very well.

I am the kind of person who doesn't like to tell or show people when I am stressed and under pressure.  Some people that see me out, tell me that I always look happy and carefree and I try to be... or well not allow my friends to worry about me.  But truthfully, I can feel under such pressure that it can be hard for me to take.  I try to think that all this pressure I feel will someday make me become a diamond.

I wish I could remember when I was very very young, but honestly I can't remember those times at all.  My life I'm sure must have been very happy and I probably couldn't imagine thinking about the things that I worry about now.

kid myself

I hope you enjoy this email.

I'm Gonna Be A Diamond

I Was Born To Lose - July 20, 2010
Some days I feel like I was born to lose
the things it took me so long to find.
Some losses stay in my heart like a bruise
and it can be enough to lose my mind.
Some losses can feel like its my own damn fault
for giving up on the things I never knew.
And yet the disappointment in my heart can come to a halt
as long as I never lose or give up on you. 
Drastic Changes - 2010
I hope that I'm making the right decisions
and not lose your respect if I make revisions.
No One Else - April, 2000
You may have good memories
and I'm sure some of them are sad,
but stick with me and I'll give you
all the memories you never had.
Poem about being understood is from A Flower Unfolds
(untitled) - 2002?
When life doesn't seem to turn out like it should,
nothing ever feels so good.
...as just being understood.


1 Comment

Thanks for posting that adorable picture of you when you were a little boy! I loved seeing it.
You look very happy. I wonder why you can't remember that time of your life?
It does feel good to be understood. Lately, I've had some people that needed to talk to me about their problems, and the best thing I could say was, "I understand". They weren't up to hearing my experiences that would prove how I understand, so I hope the words gave them some comfort and "understanding."

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