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Hello to all my sweethearts!

I hope you are doing well and feeling as beautiful as I know that you are.  I have been feeling very encouraged by the dear friends I have seen lately.  Its been a few weeks and I haven't really written a whole lot of new poetry lately, but I have been taking a lot more pictures and videos with my camera and I have enjoyed that. 

If you are my friend on FaceBook, take a look at all the pictures and videos I have posted.  And if you are not my friend on FaceBook, then you should be!  www.facebook.com/decisive

I was just at the beach this last weekend.  Here is a picture I took of the sun setting over the horizon from the beach at Pacific City, Oregon. 


I have started making stickers again and I dunno, clever Brian crafts as I don't know what else to call some of the artwork I do.  So if I see you around, I may give you a little something I've made if I have anything on me.

Sometimes things are difficult for me, as I have a tendency to hold back... and I think I take the time that I have for granted sometimes at the most important moments.  I'm really trying to be better at making and committing to bigger decisions that will affect my life and my happiness.  Or well, trying to be better at making the right decisions and not making all the stupid mistakes I've made in the past I feel have held me back and has taken me years to recover emotionally... I have a heart filled with years of dust that bleeds silent tears.

Here's some bits I have written lately and I hope that you enjoy it.

Afraid To Be Too Sweet – May 22, 2010
I am afraid of being too sweet.
Diabetics can only take me in moderation,
but maybe I can be a treat
when heart like yours craves appreciation.
My Smile Wants To Stick Around – June 4, 2010
My smile wants to stick around and never go away
hoping that you do the same and tell me that you'll stay.
I Want You To Be My Plus One – June 5, 2010
My friend put me on the guest list plus one for his show.
When the door guy asked if I was with anyone I said no.
I don't usually have or need a plus one
as I still enjoy myself, dance and have fun.
I do like bringing someone with me and sometimes I do
but if I could go with anyone, I'd want my plus one to be you.
I Can Do Without You – June 5, 2010
I feel like my intentions are failing
when you see me smile so brightly
it masks the sounds of my wailing.
I know what I give, but what do you bring?
Some people's company give me nothing
and I can do without your smoke I'm inhaling.
I've gotten more support from a broken hand railing
so I can do without you because
you do nothing for my heart that keeps on ailing.
I Will Never Take Anyone For Granted Again – June 29, 2010
I'll convince myself I don't care, but who am I trying to kid?
The truth is I wouldn't be as happy if I didn't see you when I did.
And if I never had the chance to see you again
I would know how it feels to lose a true friend.
Because I Know You – June 29, 2010
Some people I'm not able to trust
but you know me and I've understood.
Some people have disappointed me
but I know you and you never could.
Making Up For Lost Time – June 30, 2010
I will make up for the life I missed
and all the years I did not exist.
I'm Not The Greatest - (don't know when I wrote it)
I know I'm not the greatest
but I listen to what you say
and always think about you
to make you feel that way.
I've Got More Issues Than The Daily Paper - August 16, 2003
I may have issues that nobody else knows,
but once I turn the pages, those issues can close.



Love you poetry and photography. "I can do without you... broken handrail... " Very powerful and full of feeling.
"Making up for lost time..." I understand.
"My smile wants to stick around..." Sometimes my cheeks ache, I smile so much :)

Thank you Laura. I saw you shared the link to this on FB. Yes, this email is very heartfelt. I am happy to know you connect with my artwork and pictures.

hey man, nice blog...really like it and added to bookmarks. keep up with good work

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