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Hello to my dears,

I will be moving to Las Vegas until the end of the year or so, in just a few days.  Its for business and I'm not sure if I will be doing much artwork as regularly and sending Sweetheart News emails regularly while I'm there.  So if I do not, I hope this email will be enough to last for possibly a while.

To my friends in Portland, I will see you in 2011!!

The Thought Of Having You Near – September 19, 2010
The thought of having you near
makes my heart ambitious every day.
I worry that you might disappear
so my heart wishes to hear you say,
"we won't ever be too far apart".
I could never replace you.
Tell me you'll keep me in your heart
as I know mine will never erase you.
Keep Me – September 3, 2010
I keep you in my heart
so you keep me in yours
as I want to stay in the heart
of the one my own adores.
(for AB)
A True Friend – August 6, 2010
A heart like mine needs feedback and support
but the times I thought I found them came up short.
Then I noticed you and I was impressed
because your feedback and support have been the best.
The disappointments in my life make me slow to extend
still you've stayed around and are still here in the end
and that makes you my true friend.
Although we're a thousand miles apart
talking with you brings peace to my heart
even if you can't be there with me.
I like all the things you share with me
so it means I don't need to try and pretend
and that makes me your true friend.
Your Reason To Smile That Never Ends - January 5, 2010
I'll be your reason to smile that never ends
by thinking about you and hoping we always stay friends.
I Get It - August 1, 2008
My tone is direct.
My expressions are clear.
Success I expect
with my motives sincere.
My Reputation - June 8, 2008
I have the skill to do things fast
and the will to make them last.
My concern makes me the very best.
I have learned how to be a success.
Even when I'm stressed, I present a peace of mind
and remain well dressed, well kept, proper and kind.
For all the things I care about to do
if its important enough, I'll share them with you.
I am dynamic creation
and this is my reputation.
Natural Electricity - May 5, 2008
A person with an electric personality, genuine and true,
sends a clear visual intensity that will always shine thru.
The Niceness I Lack - April 13, 2004
I saw someone with the niceness I lack
she was an angel in my mind
my eyes polished her face to a shine
but not from seeing that hers did mine
because I never looked back
and now she probably thinks I'm blind.
Like A Promise - March 12, 2004
Today I thought of a friend that is in a different place
and I know the next time I'll see you is never
but I still remember your face like a promise.
Tree - 2001?
My weather changes just like the seasons.
I don't think about you for sentimental reasons.
My thoughts of you are like leaves on a tree,
I have many of them and they all surround me.
Thoughts like leaves will change thruout the year
and I lose them one at a time until my mind is clear.
When the year is over I feel like I have lost a friend
so I hope to see you in the Spring and make new thoughts of you again.
(drawings by myself December, 2009)



1 Comment

Dear Brian, I really liked your new poem, Keep Me. I have people that I hope remember me too. Good luck in Las Vegas! In more than one way! I may come down and get some sunshine there this winter.

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