Sweetheart News - Wishing I Was As Smooth As A Vanilla Milkshake

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Hi to everyone!

I hope you are doing well.  I've been in Las Vegas for two months so far now and its been about two months since I've sent out a Sweetheart News email also.  The longest time inbetween since I started.  I have had a lot on my mind and have not had the capacity to be really that sweet or nice I think.

I haven't had time really to sit, think and write like usual but I have some.  So this is what I have done and hope that you like some of it.

Wishing I was as smooth as a vanilla milkshake

My Smile Is Sincere – April 18, 2010
When I see your face, my smile is sincere
unless I find you are not then it disappears.
Wishing I Was As Smooth As A Vanilla Milkshake - September 26, 2010
I can’t be upset.  I won’t ever forget.
I’ll get better and better so my face is no longer alerting
to people I see just how much I am hurting.
Wishing someday I’d be as smooth as a vanilla milkshake,
with every sip to calm the effects of a cold heart ache.

Creepy Old Guy - September 26, 2010
I like attention to the way I look but
don’t call me flamboyant or pretty
especially if you’re some old guy
that just sees me around the city.
Hearing You – October 24, 2010
When work is done I feel so alone.
Everything just drops to nothing at night
then I see your name flashing on my phone
and hearing you makes it all feel right.
Isolation Until Exhaustion Baby – October 24, 2010
Many mornings I wake with my muscles sore,
but each day I'm back and ready for more.
At times, my mind will lock up and get tight
and that's when I push on thru into the night.

Severe – October 17, 2010
If motivation is a disease
then my affliction is severe
with a longing heart to please
and my intentions sincere.


1 Comment

Nice to see your poetry again! Sounds like you are working hard by Isolation and Severe. Unfortunately there are Creepy Old Guys around, he doesn't know you and doesn't like himself!

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