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Hello all my sweethearts!

Well, it has been a long LONG time since I sent out my last Sweetheart News email yes I know.  I have a lot of distractions since being here in Vegas.  I just have not had the capacity to write or do artwork as regularly since I moved from Portland.  I text message myself some brief ideas to FaceBook, but consider them to be more like emotional statements that rhyme.  I haven't really written or done anything especially organized for months.  

I hope that you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day!  My recieve to give ratio was somewhere around 0 to 50, which I think that means I win... or it means I don't.  Anyways, I gave out some cool Valentines I made myself, which I usually do.  Had wanted to do a special personalized Valentine's Day Sweetheart News email like I did last year, but I did not have the time.

So here is what I have written since last time and hope that you like something! 

I Write Emotional Statements That Rhyme

Erasing Doubt - January 19, 2011
Theres nothing to erase a heart filled with doubt
like just to be reminded I'm being thought about.
Reality Hurts - January 11, 2011
The promise of seeing you more regularly makes my heart soften,
but it hardens back up again finding that actually I'm seeing you less often.
The Best Friend You Ever Had - January 1, 2011
The one thing to prevent my heart from keeping sad
is being the best friend you ever had.
Hard To Find - December 23, 2010
A true friend is hard to find.
If you stay true I'll stay kind.
Actually just stay if you don't mind.
I Can Only Smile Every Time You Are Around - December 22, 2010
I get the blues but YOU never see me frown,
because I can only smile every time you are around.
(about a former friend who treated me bad and she lost me)
(untitled) - December 18, 2010
In my life good friends are always needed,
so I treat them how I want to be treated.
When you treat others bad,
you will lose the best friends you ever had.
I Do What My Heart Says - December 17, 2010
My heart tells me to be kind and I do what it says.
Whether its right or not, Ill just be kind anyways.
I Always Listen - December 15, 2010
When you're around, I always listen to make you smile...
but you been gone and I been missin' you for a while.
Hoping My Kindness Will Return - December 15, 2010
Being kind to a friend is important to me.
I hope my kindness will return in the end but we'll see...
Kindness is Self Fulfilling - December 10, 2010
Treating someone with kindness is self fulfilling
and my heart has lots to give as long as you are willing.
Not Much For Christmas - December 8, 2010
I dont have much to give you except my time and attention sincere.
All I really want for Christmas is to spend it with you here.
Obligation To Do What I Say - December 8, 2010
Motivation and passion can take me so far then they run out.
An obligation to do what I say is what my life is about.
Getting Me Thru The Day - December 2, 2010
When Im alone and hundreds of miles away,
knowing Ive made you smile gets me thru the day.


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